and you may disagree too, but make it rational

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Image by Keli Black from Pixabay

For the last couple of days, the internet and the media were overwhelmed with the U.S. election. The drama, at last, ended with the victory of Joe Biden. One of the things that came once again, the polarization of ideologies, is dividing the world more than ever before; the latest U.S election is just an example of that.

This article is not to theoretically describe what and how this happens, but to highlight that we need to rethink how we are moving forward as a species, let it be human or a rational, intelligent being.

In the U.S. election, you have seen how the whole country was divided, and notably, one of the sides showcased their hatred and intolerance in different aspects of the election. …


Paper Poetry Prompt #5

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Image credit: the author

As my mind opened its door
and broke inner boundaries,
my eyes looked around
glancing to the surrounded beauty-
inhaling the reality
of color splashes, green leaves,
flying bees, sand and dust,
concrete jungle,
distanced walking of people,
my ears opted
for every beats that it could take-
ignoring the call of silence that will grab us all at the end.

and my lips and vocal cords uttered
‘beautiful, this is.’
as I stood enchanted,
living the mystical,

‘Enchanted’ by Suntonu Bhadra

I wrote ‘Enchanted,’ combining the beautiful themes, ‘appreciate the beauty in everyday life’ by Maryjo Bautista, ‘freeing the mind’ by Melissa Bee, and ‘this is what I stand for’ by Paroma Sen, into one. Thanks to all of them for selecting such incredible resolutions to opt for.

And, I’m grateful to live and enchanted by life’s mysteries all-around; that’s all I wanted to say.

Mental Health ▪ Depression ▪ Life-Lessons

It is a reality in many of our lives; acknowledge it

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I’m not a psychiatrist; I’m not claiming to be. But as an individual who suffered through depression in his life, I have a personal obligation to myself to share some suffered notions that can help other people acknowledge the fact: depression is real, and if not treated properly, it can be a killer.

I’m writing it not as a directional piece to let everyone know how to deal with it but to emphasize its criticality. Depression, a taboo topic for some, a hidden part for many, and an illusion for many others, is real. …

Idea │ Platform Improvement │ Medium

from my perspective and perspectives may vary

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Photo by Estée Janssens, Photo by Camille Orgel, Photo by Stanley Dai, Photo by David Iskander, Photo by Toa Heftiba, all on Unsplash, merged by the author

As an abide follower of Medium and as a contributor, I have observed numerous changes since joining. I welcome changes, whether it is better or a bit undermined, as we all learn from feedback and mistakes. I believe that Medium is taking care of these changes and updates to improve the readership aspects, content quality and improve the platform to compete with the other related platforms.

I am not an expert on platform update; however, I believe there are numerous things to be updated to make the user experience better from the user perspective.

As any changes require a lot of investment, those need to be justified by Medium’s ROI matrix. Many integrations are to be done in the back-end to improve the platform capability, which is not often more straightforward. Medium currently has approximately 170 million users across the world. …


and letters

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Words and picture: by the writer; it’s interesting that the initial words changed a couple of times and when put together into Grammarly, it changed again. Words are unique, thoughts are too.

Words mended to form
something unwritten in inkless despair
thoughts of solitude cry out
although following the same road
dust-covered, frictionless reality
the challenges remain the same throughout

catastrophe strikes, merging the thoughts
with letters in different sequences
forming to embed the synopsis gathered
that circled around
my mind

despair resonated into flames
altered ideas
encrypted ego
alterations on false charades
covered on depressed attire
confusing the readers

diverse scriptures, revolving thoughts, individual encryptions of the meanings
as words play differently in our minds
and that’s what makes it so unique, so vulnerable at times.

‘Transformed Words’ by Suntonu Bhadra


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Cover photo created using Canva Art (edit link)

you shine
you paint your graceful brushstrokes on the sky
in the same country as mine,
just a few hundreds of miles away
or probably a bit more distance

close, yet seems so far

I awaited
all of my life,
to observe your elegance
the mesmerizing vibrancy
an unparalleled spark of greenish radiance
compared to none

oh Aurora Borealis
I’m still waiting

to see your spectacular vividness
on my open eyes
for real.

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in life

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Words by the writer, cover picture made in Canva (link)

An aura revealed from a mystic source
coated inside golden hollows
and twisted tales of illumination,
and I rushed through the paths
to be disassembled

to be broken inside & out
for the splendid blunders of the past,
tempted to the satanic muse
and hypnotized spell,

the present whispered, ‘wake up,’

on a juvenile complexity
light peeps through,
my resurrected soul kick-started again
with the surrounded symphony,
ignoring the dark dialectic shadows,
I closed my eyes
adhering the grandeur of blissful breeze.

Peace at last.

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Micro poem

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cover picture created by Canva (edit link)

Far from the surrounding nonsensical reality
tiresome dailies, dealings, and frustration-
far fetched dreams call us
and we ignore,
fearing our progress will leave us alone,
we will fall behind
on our rat-race sprint.

Hence the dreams remain far-fetched still.

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Why not write for The Lark. If you love writing poetry or short fiction then join The Lark here.


Paper Poetry Prompt# 6

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picture and words by the writer

I just wanted to write today
with no predetermined theme to elaborate
no specific thoughts on my agenda to focus on,
a clear distancing required
from the dullness around-
escalated by the ‘here comes the winter’ moments

letters to words
words to weave thoughts
creating an elegant flow
for portraying whatever thoughts come by
in an edited speech for the readers

although nothing is new,
just converted or transformed,
like the energy conversion from one form to other

poetic words to digest, ingest and reflect
and, the day went by, and the night too
so many words, so many angles scribbled on the pages

satisfaction is roaming in no man’s land,
fenced around
by a strong force of doubts and fears
that words couldn’t embrace the joy

Perhaps, in another lifetime, then.

‘A Day of Writing’, by Suntonu Bhadra

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Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay

mind, a mysterious universe
consisting of millions of synapses running within
creating thoughts like planets
ideas like stars
and emotions like the gravity to hold

always locked inside a box
not the pandora’s one, shutting the hope only

but it contains the mystery
unresolved puzzles to heat-up the cells
triggers the adrenaline rush through electric signals across
loaded with sponged memories, skills, and time-capsule
but locked anyways to most of us
for most of our life,
for some, for all of their time in their life

just the right key is waiting
to open the door
solving some equations, we look for
to find other doors locked inside

I’m searching for my next-door still
in between
life goes on

perhaps the journey between the door to door
uttered as life,

Another poem!

Or, perhaps some incredible videos from TED TALKS.


Suntonu Bhadra

Human ▪ Business Consultant ▪ Poet ▪ Editor of Paper Poetry & Business Thoughts Notebook ▪ Insta: sbpoetrymedium (username: SB Poetry)

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