A documentary on the ski descent from World’s 4th Highest Mountain Peak

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“Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.” — Fyodor Dostoevsky

As I heard in my childhood, life is not a bed of roses. Without taking the chances or the leap of faith to move forward, the opportunity itself remains in its shell, rather than embracing us. Examples across the world inspire us to believe in ourselves and help us embarking on challenges outside our comfort zone (for attaining the unimaginable greatness of life). The following is one of those examples, unintentionally discovered while browsing YouTube videos.

The documentary is called ‘North Face presents’ Lhotse ft. …

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nature’s elements in caged conditions

It was around four years ago when I visited the African Lion Safari Park in Hamilton, Canada. As a new-comer in Canada, I wanted to explore whatever opportunities were there in front of me. So, when some friends invited me to join on tour, along with the time-slot to visit the safari park, we (my wife and I) accepted the invitation.

After the tour, I had a conversation with my wife about the time we spend there. We both realized that nature is best in its core, and when we displace the elements for our pleasure, it destroys the core purpose nature intended in the first place: the living should thrive in its original habitat. …

waiting for a better tomorrow

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In the furthest corner on a paused moment
my memory, buzzing like a bee
started to rewrite full of thoughts in inks
making sense of wrapped illusions
into illustrations

in quietness
my pen started striking blank pages to convert
past perpetual fears into dead insights
not to embrace it again

voices, recollections gathered to grasp the present
standing on to their intellectual philosophy
scaling up the weight of past burdens into action

a deal to be made with the thoughts, for sanity
Abracadabra spell uttered, the confusions vanished in the air blessing me, turning the Gospels of true tranquility

Share your smile to spread your love and compassion to the world

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A magical spell
that spreads not by touch but through the digestion inside our mind
not a holy grail, but its holiness touches others
a comfort, optimistic nudge to the adjacent or the distant
transferring energy to raise our simplified happiness

delightful, exuberance of joy
rooting for cheering up
a new beginning
ending the vibes limiting our sky above
indeed, a cup of exhilaration towards a better us
a meaning to our existence

smile up, and around
spread the beam of love and compassion into tendered glee
the world is still a great place
when you smile,

a simple smile is all it takes to keep it that way
don’t you think? …

Tell me, what theme you want to add in this free verse flow?

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The idea of this content came in today morning while having my morning cup of coffee. Suddenly, in a rush of blood to my cold head (in the morning), I thought, why not write a poem that will continue for an indefinite period, where I will write my interpretation of specific themes or events or thoughts that readers want me to write on.

What I will do is to continue the poem with added words on the mentioned themes by the readers. If there is no prompt word for any week, I will just take the inspiration from the surrounding to ‘fill in the gap’ for that week. Of course, it is an experiment.

With countless answers to choose from

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Lights enlightened
or darkness embraced

painful bitterness
or cheerful laughs

lonely moments
or crowded motions

stressful tiredness
or the energized heart-beats

or a smile on the corner of your face

Overwhelmed emotions in our physical embodiment
continues to live.

What’s your mood today?

Suntonu Bhadra January, 2021

The poem is all about the mood you are embracing right now. Generally, just before the start of a weekend, I always feel a kind of joy inside. …

Poetry Sunday

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A skyline pulling my glance towards a distant border of light
and shadow of the evening, coming through
in an insecure mold of heartache,
on the absence of a dreamy state
while surviving still in the snowy winter evening on the pathways, outside

my heart, filled with fear and doubts of the void
beating my confidence, inch by inch
of my once known rock-solid confidence in broken pieces of
confusions and doubts

on the horizon, I see a bird flying alone
like me
I’m walking through, was flying some uncounted moments ago

hiding scars, sheltering my notebook of thoughts
the pages are blank,
inks are yet to appear with the stories I gathered
onto the motions of life, if that was a thing
covered with insecurity, asking me for
unconditional leverage to bargain with for…


Suntonu Bhadra

Human ▪ Amongst top Medium writers in Travel, Photography & Poetry ▪ Editor of Paper Poetry & Business Thoughts Notebook ▪ Insta: sbpoetrymedium

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