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And, the time is ‘now’ to embrace, if you dare

Photo by Alex Lion on Unsplash, Photo by Kunj Parekh on Unsplash

“Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got.” — Art Buchwald

Like 2020, we all have experienced a new dimension of challenges, opportunities, ups & downs, and life stories in 2021. Now, 2022 is here. …

Paper Poetry Year-end newsletter of 2021

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Hi, Dear Readers and writers,

How are you all doing!

Today, we are ending 2021 (already passed in some parts of the world) and stepping into 2022. Like every year, we will face new challenges and threats, opportunities, situations; and embrace new dimensions of hopes and transformation.

Somehow, to me, 2021 was the twin year…

A question that always comes when a breakthrough transformation comes into our lives

Photo by Michelangelo Buonarroti from Pexels

Metaverse might be the most significant technological disruption for humans in this century. No, I’m not talking about the Meta (Facebook) only.

I’m talking about the alternate digital reality or a collective virtual shared space where people might work, play, socialize and lead a life in the virtual realm created…

I do, and hence, I’m making sure my steps today have these beliefs embedded.

Photo by Demeter Attila from Pexels

Humans have regrets for the things they could have done, for the things they have or haven’t believed.

I also have a list of things that I could have done better. But, I do not believe in sulking in regrets.

I instead insist on taking steps so that I don’t…

Suntonu Bhadra

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