A Free Verse Poem For The Future

I bet someone will read it in the distant future.

Plotline: This poem was not supposed to be published today. I was trying to utilize Medium’s ‘schedule to later’ to publish it on the last possible date Medium’ schedule to date’ shows, December 31, 2099. However, when I pressed schedule to publish for that date, it published instantly. A fated mess!

Because humans express
cuddled with emotions
infinite felt beats inside our heart (subject to discussion)

in scrambled words, in a rhythmic dance
letter into words into sentences
soul poured the thoughts
experience and thoughts together supply the ink
inside head
outside in inked canvas

I know
time changed

humans can now hear
bits of thoughts
demands and desires
needs and comfort
in unspoken words, in digitally connected motions
intrinsic within
connecting all

all are one
one in all

the mighty powerful
deciphering the meaning of this
or, perhaps trashing it to the memory beats

whatever the case is now (while you are reading)
my emotions in the past (which is my now) are real
will real till the universe lasts.

although it’s just some words to you,
future human
the connected mighty consciousness,
my free verse thoughts

A wonder, don’t you think?

Travel storyteller, photographer, history-buff, wordsmith ▪ Editor, Paper Poetry ▪ IG: sbpoetrymedium ▪ Linktree: https://linktr.ee/suntonubhadra

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