A Morning In Toronto

just a patch of yellowish sunlight on the sky
marks its ray to invite for the day
a start to a new dawn
a new day for us.

birds chirping in the distance
in the busy city of Toronto
starts in hustling and bustling
of people, commuting towards
their destination, perhaps work, perhaps for livelihood
the subway lines, not filled that much
carrying the notion of the pandemic,
yet people emerge to overcome the fear
and engage in the aspects of life.

With a cup of morning tea,
pleasant and a day-starter for me,
I look beyond the glass window
to observe the cheers of life
cars passing by, people chatting keeping distance,
the joggers pass by; the cyclists are moving sideways,
Starbucks and Tim Hortons serving morning meals,
with a cup of glorified coffee for Torontonians.

We remained strong, vigilant, adhered to rules till date,
to continue, to survive, to prosper in days to come,
a little bit of time my friends, I say
hang in there, with your patience
carrying humanity, showing endurance
during these dark days, for a bit more time
to pass the shadowed time
caring for each other, for humanity,
for us.

Travel storyteller, photographer, history-buff, wordsmith ▪ Editor, Paper Poetry ▪ IG: sbpoetrymedium ▪ Linktree: https://linktr.ee/suntonubhadra

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