A Strange Power Dynamics, the Concept of Equality, and Our Transformed Living Between Love, War, and Peace

A telltale of the tug-of-war

Suntonu Bhadra
6 min readApr 25, 2022


Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels


Like so many couples, my partner and I are committed to the “journey of figuring it out.”

I refer to the many aspects making up a couple’s power dynamic.

Today I want to share our progress with you. We welcome all thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

90% vs. 10%!

That’s the share my partner and I have when comparing the portion of the bed we occupy during our sleep.

Injustice, I would say!

By the way, the above stat doesn’t determine the power dynamics between us!

Or does it!

Love and war and peace

I heard all is fair in love and war, and somehow any relationship contains both. There is always a time for love and affection. But, there is always a war looming around the corner.

Telling about the dynamics, think how you will feel when you’ve just opened the beer to sip after a long day of work, and suddenly, there is no milk in the refrigerator, and someone just shouted, ‘Hey, you need to step out!’


I don’t have to experience that feeling at all! She is considerate about these things. (You know, she just held a gun in my head to write these! Sssss!)

But, as I said, war is always looming, even between friendly nations! A fire to be triggered, waiting for the right (wrong) moment!

Like, the cooking debates!
Who will be cooking today (the lazy sloths like us would battle to the death but won’t move our a** up till someone breaks first)!

Like, fixing, cleaning, and maintenance of the car! It seems like I’m the guy!

The home decorations, Uber Eats order, weekend gateway planning! Blah, Blah blah!

A tug-of-war takes place sometimes! Or, should I say, a teaser…