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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Created Instruction-Driven Artwork Series


Suntonu Bhadra
3 min readAug 11, 2022


Main link

Disclaimer: I am not an artist/painter and am not claiming to be. I created these artworks using the Mid Journey web app.

After using the web app Mid Journey for the last two weeks, I am slightly addicted to it. The details of the colors, the richness, and vibrancy are the prime culprits!

In the app, you provide the instructions using the app's '/imagine' prompt, and the AI creates four versions of artwork based on your direction. For example, you can make it more realistic or illusionary based on your preference. You can also incorporate the painting style of famous artists to give it a more elegant feeling.

I thought to share the created artworks using the Mid Journey app in a series, and this is the first part of the 'Mid Journey' artwork series.

It was created in the Mid Journey web app by the author. Main link.

Instruction: "An oil painting of a lake surrounded by pine trees, with a snow-capped alps mountain in the background, and a medieval castle, in the style of Paul Cézanne."

Expectation vs. execution: Great execution, I have to say!

Created in the Mid Journey web app by the author. Main Link

Instruction: "a human standing, wearing blue sunglass, Hindu holy color festival in the background, dark sky, starry night, Leonardo da Vinci style painting."

Expectation vs. execution: Not bad, but AI couldn't execute all the instructions I looked for! The colors look fantastic.

Created in the Mid Journey web app by the author. Main link

Instruction: "the devil in black cloak dancing in front of the Eiffel tower, dark background, 4k, realistic."

Expectation vs. execution: Certainly, the devil is not dancing in front but rather on top of the tower. But…