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East Point Park Trail Snapshots: 1st January 2023

I wanted to keep a photo journal, which is easier to share.

Lake Ontario, a slight sun glow, and the before-rainfall moment: 1st January 2023. The author takes all the images.

Here goes the first part of it.

Location: East Point Park, Ontario, Canada.
Camera: Google Pixel 6 Pro.
Date: 1st January 2023.
Reason to visit: I came here for a hike. The muddy road gave me a bit of trouble while roaming. The rainfall on 31st December of the left year made the trail soaked. But nothing stopped me from glancing and roaming on the first day of this year!

Enjoy the snaps!

Muddy welcome.
Slight reflections.
Birds, birds — a tribute!
Loved the contrast!
Lake Ontario-I
Lake Ontario — II
Epitaph of a car?
Lake Ontario — III (Waves)
Lake Ontario-IV (frozen chunks on the rock)
Wanna feed the bird?
Return path.
Yes, the sky was gloomy too!


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