Gibberish Thoughts

and discerning theories of reality

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The reality and the realization of life’s perspective are changing, in an way we never imagined. Humans are a part of nature, however we are bending & breaking the nature in every possible ways like a virus. So, nature is responding by slapping us in every possible ways we can never comprehend.

Now, THINK about a day when you didn’t harm the nature in any way. Like, running your car by consuming extracted fossil fuel, eating artificially breed chickens as your fries, having a cup of coffee with a hint of milk -stealing it from the cow, visiting zoo where animals are caged and not free like humans to roam around.

Humans might be the mightiest living being on earth, but we do not know how to take care of ourselves (forget about the nature or the earth).

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What we think are important for ourselves doesn’t mean that is important for life.

Consider this: growing fruits and vegetables might be important for having food supply, however what do you think about extracting oil (to run cars, industry, electricity etc.). Now, the discussion might trigger that electricity is important; yes, than identify different methods to create it (solar panel & other techniques to be researched out).

We have multiplied ourselves unlike any other & to sustain ourselves, we are extracting any available resources — thus milking out the nature. We really need to rethink, what we are contributing as a part of the nature.

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During this pandemic, couple of interesting thoughts or theories actually popped up in mind, which I wanted to put into words:

  • If there was no political and economical barriers within the countries, we could have wear-out the virus eventually, but probably at faster rate.
  • What we think are essential for life are completely different, because the market, the industries and the supply-demand force are only created for human by human to keep running the multiplication of growing population.
  • Because humans had and still are roaming around the world; we are breaking apart the elements of the existence. We are displacing elements (i.e. zoo animals brought from different parts of the world, which were actually part of that location, now coming to different location), which means the natural process of mutation and evolution happened for million years are not taking place naturally. Thus displacing nature’s elements into different places (i.e. virus, bacteria etc.) and causing havoc.
  • Or, perhaps this is the natural process of nature’s healing; omitting the outbreak like us.
  • Or, perhaps we are in the test-field of alien’s laboratory- where they are looking into how this self-destructing living being behaves or reacts to every new condition. In that case, we are not to be blamed.
  • Or, perhaps we are in a computer generated infused reality, where we think what we are and what we should do.
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Whatever thoughts kicked-in, I wanted to put those into words. The gibberish thoughts -first part ends here.

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