Great advice. As you have said, the productivity concept is different to different people, and it shouldn't be compared. What I feel to be a productive part of my day or feeling might not be the same for others. However, it doesn't mean it should not be.

When the pandemic started, I was also looking into different productivity videos, posts, and practices some on my own. A couple of those included suggestions from other people. And then, I realized what the things I require to do to attain my productivity and satisfaction are. Walking might not be part of someone's productivity, but for mine, it is. Doing household chores or helping my partner might not be a traditional productivity tip, but it is for me. So, yes, you are to the point on that advice.

Another thing that I have identified is, not all the posts or videos are for showcasing. People are sharing (along with the showcasing sometimes) their learning so that if anyone is having the same scenario or personality trait, they might try those things on their own.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope you are staying safe and well during these days. Best regards.

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