Hi Elaine,

I’m interested to contribute in the ‘Curated Careers’ — where words help to understand and find the passion for work. Following are relevant information asked on this regard:

My name is Suntonu Bhadra, joined Medium on March’20. Writing is diversified and words are said in different ways to express an idea or a story. My passion is to identify and to provide relevant ways to help people in the workplace or to help understanding relevant ways that improve their careers. I have joined Medium in order to provide my viewpoints from the perspective of my career in multiple countries and multiple industries (including couple of Fortune 500 organizations).

Medium link: https://medium.com/@bhadrasuntonu

Articles to look into:

  1. So, you are working from home — what to follow for maintaining a sane remote-work scenario (published in Medium): https://medium.com/@bhadrasuntonu/so-you-are-working-from-home-what-to-follow-for-maintaining-a-sane-remote-work-scenario-698bb64bff36
  2. Connecting to clients during this pandemic scenario due to Covid-19 (published in Medium): https://medium.com/@bhadrasuntonu/connect-approach-for-sales-professionals-during-the-pandemic-covid-19-scenario-450baa44aaa3
  3. Presentation-some basic tips (published on The Daily Star, Star Campus — Bangladesh): http://archive.thedailystar.net/campus/2006/11/04/feature_tips.htm

Travel storyteller, photographer, history-buff, wordsmith ▪ Editor, Paper Poetry ▪ IG: sbpoetrymedium ▪ Linktree: https://linktr.ee/suntonubhadra

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