Hi Rosennab, thanks for sharing your story. Similar things happen in most of the car dealerships and for most of the sales. Apart from the characteristics of the individuals, I would also say that the methods they use to sell are not buyer-centric.

I’m pretty sure they have an organization-wide sales tactics they have to follow and that’s why they were asking, “What I can I do to earn your business?” Instead, they should have asked the relevant questions that you have mentioned in your story and should have come to the point directly. Most of the time, relevant sales leaders or managers push the salesperson to follow similar sales tactics (ask for a trial, ask for business, ask for additional features, etc.). When any salesperson follows it and can not earn the business, the leaders say, it probably didn’t work for this time but continue it for your next. However, if any salesperson listens to buyer’s interest and shape the sales cycle accordingly, but lose the sales — the leaders always come top of them and say, why didn’t you follow the tactics, that’s why you have lost the sales.

I have come across this scenario several times and eventually understood that you always have to think from the person’s perspective, who is interested in the product. Only then you can have a higher success in providing the solution (be it a product, car, software, service, etc.).

I hope the next person who is going to engage with you listens to your requirement carefully and proceed accordingly. After all, the best quality of a salesperson is to listen attentively to the requirements and act accordingly.

Best regards.

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