Il Dolce Far Niente

Philosophical relief I was opting for
closing the cascade of my dreamt boulevard
into a tiny little corner, I hoped not to open so soon
dreams and desires merged to ask
where to next

I couldn’t find the answer
I didn’t realize the question though
onto the steps of furthest place I aspired to roam
that seemed a bit far from where I stood
yet heart told me to take the steps

I did

the road stretched
my pace slowed
desires converted into broken pieces
and lost in the transition

I stopped for a while
figuring out
what to opt for
what not to expect

the heart told one thing
my soul agreed
my brain told me not to jump in

hence, I circled back to my starting point again
and the moment said to enjoy the circus of reality
only to embrace the warmth
that il dolce far niente could offer.

Suntonu Bhadra
March 2021

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