One thing to say, let the bitter things go from your memory and enjoy the job. Please do not consider that it is a limitation of your quality or life-skill; it is just a step-stone towards your life.

In a new country, I came almost six years ago; I had to start from the bottom. Because of the visa issue, I had to join a college program instead of Economics post-grad in a university. I had to begin working as a Security Guard in different locations. Although approached eventually, whatever job opportunity seemed right, I didn't get any interview offers (I couldn't get a job in KFC for the waiter position, as I didn't have any experience). In my different locations of performing security guard jobs, I had met with some great people who encouraged me on my study and for my persistent approach. Some other (who worked like me as security guards) sometimes discouraged me not to pursue any better opportunity, because no chance in there (+ I'm not qualified). But I kept saying; there would always be an end to the tunnel, for getting more lights.

I am not providing any advice, but please open to the world, let the world know about your thoughts and words, and I'm pretty sure - you will move towards a future better state. Let your words guide you. Share your pains and sorrow with your dearest friends and family, so that they can relieve some of your pain. You will feel great.

Best regards.

Travel storyteller, photographer, wordsmith ▪ Editor, Paper Poetry ▪ Linktree:

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