Remaining Ruins

free verse on a past tour of Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar (Qutb Minar). Image Credit: The writer.

Stepping onto the left out moments on the chapter of the past
I wanted to see some archived stillness
colorful yet,
impossible to revert to the left out reminiscences,
journeys, undertaken on earlier youth
mending the spirits of the youth,
escalated excitements
a head full of dreams

I clicked on a portal
holding a hidden treasure of the locked casket of the past
an image of the bricked tallness came out,
standing, a tall minaret with spiral stairs to the top,
inscriptions of a victory
a place that transferred over from era to era
to the rulers across

a mark of the left out glory
remained in bricks and stones across
where future humans step on
to explore and wonder.

Suntonu Bhadra ▪ January, 2021

Footnote: During a tour in 2013, I took the title picture of the tower. It was on the scorching hot summer day and at around 3.00 pm local time in Delhi. I could recall that the unbearable heat was shining on our eyes, which made it difficult to take snapshots. However, the picture came out a-okay, I guess.

‘Qutub Minar’ information

Location: Mehrauli, Delhi, India.
Height: 73 Meters.
Details: Qutab-ud-din Aibak won a decisive battle in 1193 A.D. and had instructed to build a victory tower, which is currently called ‘Qutub Minar.’ Adjacent to it is Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque (the first mosque built in India). The tower construction started from 1200 A.D. but could finish in 1368; the next rulers took care of the project. (Source)

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