Thank you for sharing such incredible content with words, pictures, and reminiscence. I’m also a bit old-school probably, sometimes I write letters to people, which surprises them — as the same message could have been texted instantly. But, I cherish the touch of love, care, sometimes tears behind each of the letters and the ink’s touch to describe the moments or the tale in our own way. In our childhood, we waited for letters from our relatives and friends. And, when those came in, it was always a different joy.
Letters written by poets and writers are also part of some literature, as those letters carry emotional and literary values.

Thank you for writing this beautiful story in such an elegant manner. I loved it. I would also like to say thanks to Gloria for providing the prompt idea for Paper Poetry.

Best regards.

Travel storyteller, photographer, history-buff, wordsmith ▪ Editor, Paper Poetry ▪ IG: sbpoetrymedium ▪ Linktree:

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