Thanks for writing such an elaborative response and, of course, for your kind words. I still write poems whenever I have an urge to put out the words, and when it is out there, it gives me chills. Claps and comments are added flavor to it. Yes, we love recognitions, so when any person makes a comment, it gives me the satisfaction of accomplishment. Like the comment, I have received from your side. For me, sometimes it might be daunting to have fewer claps or less appreciation, but nowadays, I am trying to set-up my expectation bar not too high, as I believe that its best to let is flow as it is. Surprisingly, the feeling came out strongly during this challenging time, as I see totally different aspects of life.

Thanks for encouraging me. I'm bad at remembering the style of poems, so I don't know what the style is called. Obviously, it is out there with a name. I would love to see your creation when you publish it. I'm up for learning, always.

Best regards.

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