Writing Ideas for ILLUMINATION As A Fan

to have more diverse ranges of contents for the growing community

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To be clear from my side, these are from a ILLUMINATION fan perspective to enrich different writing styles. I have probably written down 20+ different things to mention, then thought why not consult first and taste the water?

So, here these goes:

  1. Tag team writing: Meant not to be a competition, rather a collaborative effort to put a different writing style, which can combine 2 or 3 writers to write a piece with their diversified writing experience. In that way, the different writing styles can be merged and readers can also read a combination of writing in one story (experimental basis).
  2. Language writing section: If writers want to publish their stories, articles or poems in any language other than English, this section can cover this — where readers can also see sort of regional works. It can include the English translation, so that non-native readers can read it too (optional).
  3. Thematic writing: By weekly or monthly (which might be a seperate section too). Readers can look into the thematic section of ILLUMINATION and find out thematic articles for the month.
  4. Audio / video story, embedded with the article from the featured writers.
  5. I really like the regular updates from Dr Mehmet Yildiz and wondering whether we can have a monthly update or video message on this regard. We would really like to listen from him of the progressive journey, his insights for this publication.

The execution of any of these ideas are subject to brainstorming and might not be worthwhile. But as a reader and writer, I think ideas are worth expressing into words and probably some greater ideas lurking behind these mentioned might come out from the discussion.

Looking forward to the feedback of Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Kevin Buddaeus and Timothy Key on this regard.

Travel storyteller, photographer, history-buff, wordsmith ▪ Editor, Paper Poetry ▪ IG: sbpoetrymedium ▪ Linktree: https://linktr.ee/suntonubhadra

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